Chhurpi as Dog Treat – Organic, Vegetarian and Nutritious

Chhurpi (Nepali: छुर्पी) is a traditional cheese consumed in the Himalayan region mainly in Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan, and Tibet. There are two varieties of chhurpi – soft variety and hard variety (chewed like a betel nut) (Source: Wikipedia) consumed as a side dish with rice. Recently, chhurpi as dog treat has become very famous due to the natural health benefits that it brings to dogs.

Chhurpi is produced primarily in the upper Himalayan region and a combination of the effects of altitude and exotic yak milk make this product unique in all nature. Chhurpi as dog treat or as dog chews or treats is made from yak milk with very little amount of lime juice and salt. Apart from this there is nothing artificial about it and it can be consumed after 18 months as well, although it does not contain any preservatives.

As the chhurpi as dog treat is completely grain-free, gluten-free and gives out a slight smell of cheese, dogs are naturally attracted to them. The bone-hard chews soften as your dog works them, for a long-lasting, high-protein, and low-fat chewing experience dogs love.

Choose Regular Churpi Chews or Micro Puffs, which are small pieces of Churpi Chews puffed up into irresistible nugget shapes.

Chhurpi as a product

A single product that can keep you dog healthy!

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