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Chewlicious – Chhurpi – Small Bars for Small Sized Dogs – Large Pack


Chhurpi small bars of approximately 3.5 inch. They are ideally suited for smaller sized dogs. Just give it to them and look at them chewing on it during the entire day.

Know more about Chhurpi and its benefits for dogs.

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Chewlicious - Small Bars - 140 Grams (1)

Chewlicious churpi bars are dog treats made from Yak milk. Chhurpi for the chewlicious bars are produced in the upper Himalayas of Sikkim. The Yaks are completely organically fed (Sikkim being the first Indian State to be fully organic), and the churpi nuggets are made using traditional methods only.

Chhurpi may look like a single product that is just cheese, however, the natural ingredients packed in this product actually make it a healthy food for dogs.

Nutritional Value of Chhurpi

Hard Chhurpi Nutritional value

Protein: 53.4%-68.5%
Water: 3.9%-13%
pH: 5.3
Acidity: 0.3%
Ash: 6.6% – 7.7%
Fat: 7.7%-12.3%
Carbohydrate: 20.4%-23.2%

Source: Indigenous Fermented Foods of South Asia
Editor: V K Joshi
Page Number: 238

Yak Milk also contains a lot of minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Potassium which are very beneficial in nature.

Calcium: 0.3%
Iron: 0.74mg/100ml
Potassium: 122.5 mg/100ml

Source: Rural Transformation of North East India
Authors: H. C. Gautam, M. P. Bezbaruah
Page Number: 142

Calcium is very necessary for the bones, nails and coat of a dog (source: Vet Info). A 75 pound dog has a requirement of ~ 1800 Mg of Calcium and traditional home food many not be enough for meeting the calcium requirements of your dog (source: My Bark).

Further, as dogs are prone to eating a lot of stuff that you may not be even aware of, they need to have a very powerful gut/ digestive system. Chewlicious Chhurpi bars and made purely from yak milk chhurpi, which is loaded with probiotics, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. They all help keeping your dog healthy and agile.

The variety of Chhurpi (or Churpi) that is used in Chewlicious is Chhurpi Durkha, which is a hard form of Chhurpi cheese. The combination of taste and well as hardness makes Chewlicuous churpi bars not just a powerful nutritional supplement and a tasty treat; but a very potent agent as a dental chew. Chewlicious Chhurpi nuggets is excellent at removing plaque and tartar and keeping gums strong.

The final and critical aspect is that Chewlicious Chhurpi bars are 100% vegetarian. Therefore, in case you are a vegetarian and your dog’s primary food is vegetarian, you may want to supplement it with a vegetarian treat that is not only tasty for your dog but provides them with the essential nutrients that they need to live a healthy and playful life.

Benefits of Chewlicious Churpi Bars for your pooch

  • Organic and Natural – Unlike cows’ milk, Yak milk has a better nutritional profile which is more suited for the natural biological needs of your puppy or dog.
  • Full of Nutrition – Chhurpi has ten essential amino acids that are needed by any dog. Chhurpi contains a balance of omega 3-omega 6 fatty acids and has abundant amount of antioxidants.
  • Vitamins and Minerals – Chhurpi is an excellent source of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc. It is further loaded with Calcium which is very essential for your dog. Further, chhurpi drukha contains a good amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, all the vitamin B’s.
  • Beta Carotene – It also has Beta Carotene which is really good for the coat of your dog.
  • Dental Benefits – Churpi is used as a natural dental chew and is very effective is removing plaque and tartar. Further, chewing on it  keeps gums strong and healthy. Therefore, it had texture of the treat makes it very effective as a overall dental care dog treat.
  • Irresistible taste – Chewlicious Chhurpi bars are essentially hardened cheese. As cheese is loved by most dogs, you would fine your puppy or a full grown dog, both loving them equally.
  • Overall health benefit – As Chhurpi contains protein along with all essential amino acids, it provides your pooch with a treat that has a good balance of both absorbable protein as well as healthy fat. Thus, helping them maintaining a strong body and muscles along with providing a good source of energy.
  • Long Lasting –  You chose the right size of Chhurpi to ensure that it fits the mouth of your pooch and it can chew on it for longer duration. The inherent texture of chhurpi drukha is hard, therefore, making it really long lasting.
  • Unlike other Dog Treats – Unlike other treats which are made of hyde infused with meat, which tend to lose their flavor over a period of time, chhurpi is the same delicious treat for your pooch till the last bite or lick!  

You may also want to see Chewlicous Chhurpi Nuggets which would be better as a dental chew, than Chewlicious Churpi Bars; in case your canine is a small breed.




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