The festive season is here, and we are all ready with our new clothes, boxes of sweets and decorated homes. We are ready to go all out and celebrate Diwali in full gusto, and enjoy ourselves to the very best. But, what about our pets? The furry little creatures who can’t go out with us or can’t burst crackers?

Your furry friends have always been a part of your family, haven’t they? So this Diwali, give a gift to them as well, like your other family members. This Diwali, gift them special care and love, and protection from the noise and crackers of Diwali. Let’s make this Diwali special for them.

  • Take them for a walk beforehand

Take them for a walk during morning time, when things are relatively quieter and normal. Even then keep them away from the occasional crackers. This would ensure that the normalcy of their routine is kept while keeping in mind their safety.


  • Protection from crackers

Crackers are a big hazard for dogs, as they can cause grievous injuries and harm to ears. Keep your dogs indoors, to protect them from crackers bursting outside. Get them ear muffs if the noise is too loud even despite shutting all doors and windows.

But, don’t leave them alone. Someone should keep them constant company inside the house else they might feel restless and agitated.

  • Care during festivities at home

During puja or other festivities inside home, take extra care of them. Involve them in the festival, they are family after all, but keep them away from fire or such things to avoid a burn injury. Take them along in other festivities, like katha paath and maybe even aarti, but during aarti remember to keep the flame away from them.
Take Care of Your Dog During Diwali - Make him a part of the festivities - Dog Doing Diwali Pooja Puja










  • Care during guests and parties at home

Don’t bind them or relegate them to their homes during parties or when guests come as that makes them anxious of their territory. Instead, let them participate in the party and meet the guests so that they are calm and assured.

If there are too many people and that agitates your furry pet, in that case, keep him a bit aloof from the party for his convenience.

Take care of your dog during this Diwali - Away from parties on Diwali

  • Don’t feed them mithai

Don’t feed your dog mithai as a Prasad. It can upset their stomach and cause problems in the digestive tract. Make sure no one else feeds any high on ghee food item to them. Instead, cook some special food for them instead of their regular food, to celebrate the festival with them.

Take Care of Your Dog This Diwali - Feeding Sweets or Mithai to Dogs

  • Consult the vet beforehand

If your dog is too prone to anxiety issues, consult your vet beforehand, and get special anti-anxiety pills for dogs as per his advice. This is important because your dog might feel suffocated and anxious in the hustle bustle of the day, and you might not be able to find a vet at the last moment.

  • Invest in an air purifier

A lot of smoke from crackers enters the house during this season, which is bad not only for you but for your lovely pets as well. So invest in a good air purifier so as to save their eyes and lungs from the smoke from outside.

  • Keep them away from rangoli colours

The dogs might eat colours, which can cause harm to their digestive tract, or even if they merely roll around in colours it can cause skin irritation and other skin problems. So make sure your furry little monster stays away from your rangoli.

Take Care of Your Dog During This Diwali - Keep Dogs Away from Rangoli

Taking care of a pet during the Diwali festivities is an especially difficult task. But don’t think of it as missing the festival, instead think of it as celebrating it peacefully with your pet. Your pet is not only your family, but your responsibility as well. So you need to protect them from the pollution and noise this festival brings along.

Have a happy Diwali, with your furry little (or big) family members.

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