Numerous pets are abandoned every day in various cities across the country and thousands die due to weather conditions, lack of food and shelter, accidents, diseases, etc. Some fortunate ones are taken in by animal shelters and provided with healthcare, food and safe shelters. However, these shelters are grossly underfunded, and with extremely poor resources and conditions, struggle to accommodate the large number of animals coming in regularly and to keep the shelter running. To offer medical facilities to new animals in need, these shelters must be able to constantly empty previously occupied spaces, for the new animals. This is possible only when the animals are adopted on a regular basis. However, adoption rate in India is amongst the lowest in the world due to various reasons.

The most common issue in India, or even outside, is that people tend to prefer buying new pets instead of adopting. It is because pets from shelters are seen as less desirable or compared to those obtained from breeders. Shelter animals are seen as damaged, unhealthy and the basic mindset is that there is something wrong with them. People prefer buying new dogs, who are young, and to select a particular breed.

One of the basic challenges that are faced by animal shelters is the lack of funds. These are primarily run based on donations and volunteers. As a result of which more often than not, some of these shelters are not able to provide basic infrastructure and amenities to the animals. This becomes a double edged sword as lack of funds leads to an impression among general people, that animals raised or rescued at such places may not be hygienic. 

Another reason is lack of awareness about the bleak conditions of stray dogs. A majority of people are insensitive towards their health conditions and unaware of just how many deaths take place due to accidents and natural conditions. They live with the belief that stray dogs are fine as they are and there is no need to adopt them. Many more are absolutely unaware of the existence of animal shelters in their locality and that pets can be adopted from there.

Challenges of Dog Adoptions

We see that lack of awareness about stray animals, and misconceptions formed over time are the major reasons why adoption rate is so low in India. One of the other challenges is the notion, that adopting from an NGO or an animal shelter is a very tough job. People believe that animal shelters and NGOs have a strict screening process for adoption of animals in which they examine the adopter’s family to make sure that they are capable of taking care of the dog. Many times, there is an interview to find out about the family and lifestyle. Sometimes, representatives from the organisation visit the house of the adopter before and after adoption to check if living conditions are appropriate or not. Not all, but many organisations ask for some amount of money at the time of adoption. People are seldom able to get a dog of the breed of their choice and there are additional costs and hassles of vaccination. Adopted dogs are often old, and unlike young puppies provided by breeders, they find it hard to adjust in a new environment.

All of these obstructions discourage people from adopting animals and they prefer to go for breeders which are hassle free and more customer friendly. The basic realisation that arises is that there needs to be increasing awareness about the condition of stray dogs and animals shelters, and an increased effort to help these shelters through volunteering and donating money and resources. There are thousands of dogs in need of safe environments and loving families, and it is time that help is provided to them.

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