We are all social beings and spend hours and hours on the internet. We obviously like cute dog posts on Facebook and Instagram. Do you want a daily dose of most adorable and loyal creatures on earth? Go follow these amazing 10 Instagram handles right away!


(1) @dogsofinstagram

A sucker for dogs? Then this Instagram handle is the first one that you ought to follow. This page will definitely satisfy your love and craze for dogs. It is a treat to eyes. They have the most beautiful and photographic collection of dog posts which is absolutely worth a follow.

Happy Friday from @harlee.and.bentlee #dogsofinstagram

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(2) @dogfacts

Know what you don’t know about your dog. This Instagram page will give you all the information you need to get a better understanding of your dog or any dog for that matter. They post cute dog pictures along with valuable facts about dogs as captions.

Merry Christmas!! This pug looks like he has an evil plan doesn’t he? ?? #themdoglovers

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(3) @loveleorescue

Doesn’t your heart sink when you watch sick dogs suffer or homeless puppies wander on the streets unprotected? Love Leo Rescue is a Los Angeles based rescue + spay/neuter clinic. It helps thousands of such helpless creatures to find a home for them and provide them with proper care. If you want to contribute your bit towards these helpless creatures, go follow this Instagram handle. Love Leo Rescue posts pictures and information about homeless dogs looking for shelter/family that accepts them. They also post about a lot of dogs that have already been rescued and have a secure family and home to live.


(4) @dog

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself”, says the bio of this amazingly cute and funny Instagram page. They have a lot of humorous memes, videos and pictures of dogs. These are quite amusing, funny and adorable all at the same time.

I love dogs – follow me (@dog) for more dog posts! ??

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(5) @itsdougthepug

This PUG is the real THUG. Missing out on pug life? Check out ‘Doug’ the pug cum celebrity’s Instagram handle who is a real super star with a 2.8 million followers. Doug the pug is pampered beyond limits and after viewing his profile you’d wish to live his lavish life rather than your own. His fame game is too strong.

“I might be single but at least I have food to think about” -Doug

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(6) @puppystagram

Nothing lightens up one’s mood more than a puppy’s innocent face. This page is an absolute must for everyone as it automatically brings a wide smile on your face when you scroll through their feed.

Credit @rockydagolden ? Submit your post here to be featured?❤ www.puppystagram.com/submit

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(7) @crusoe_dachshund

‘Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund’ is one of the fanciest dachshunds of all times. He wears fancy costumes and slays in them all. Even if you aren’t that big a dachshund fan, you will be after you follow Crusoe’s Instagram page.

“Oakley’s only got one week left with me, so I’ve been making him hit the gym hard before he goes home!” ~ Crusoe

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(8) @pupvideos

Want a good dose of entertainment every day? Watch cute puppy/dog videos on this Instagram profile and give yourself a good laugh you deserve every day.

We’re following the leader wherever he may go @jadeandhergoldens

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(9) @huskey.heaven

This page is overloaded with the cuteness of Huskies. Packed with high-quality pictures and videos that you simply can’t resist but follow them on Instagram and wait for their next post daily.


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(10) @puppylovedelhi

This is a Delhi based Instagram handle which is for dog enthusiasts. They not only share dog pictures but also stories of many rescued dogs. It also helps a lot of homeless dogs in Delhi find a home through this handle. If you are a dog lover living in Delhi you definitely need to give this a look.


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