Ever had a moment when your dog looked absolutely adorable but the second you whip out your camera, he turns away? Or when the moment and the dog, both, look perfect but the dim lighting makes the picture look sub-par anyway? It can be hard to take decent pictures of your dogs, especially since most of them prefer running around to modelling. But you don’t have to be a professional photographer or have the best camera in the world to photograph your beloved pet. Just use the following hacks to capture your canine in his most memorable moments.



Most dogs are outdoor creatures. They are happiest when they’re out for a walk or lolling about in the sun. Clicking pictures in natural lighting serves a dual purpose. First, it captures the dog in an environment where he is happy. Second, most cameras process natural lighting better than artificial lighting. In artificial lighting, cameras compensate by auto-adjusting white balance and other settings, leaving the image looking grainier and low-quality. In comparison, natural light produces pictures which look clearer and warmer – ideal to capture your furry friend.

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To get your dog to pay attention to you and look towards the camera, you can engage them by using things that they like the most. For example, you can hold up their toys, call their name and pretend to play a game of fetch, to have them focus on the object which you would then hold near the camera. Alternatively, a fail-safe way is to hold a treat right next to the camera lens. This way, you’re sure to pique your dog’s interest.

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Use treats or walks as rewards for your pup for staying still for a picture. This way, he or she will be conditioned to pose for you every time you pull up your camera.

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It might take a few tries, but using the ‘burst’ shots feature, a dog can be captured while in motion. Action shots of dogs jumping or running are immensely popular right now and can capture the pup’s unique spirit. You can use props such as their favourite ball, to throw, in order to achieve motion shots. Also, try to take the pictures in short bursts so your pet doesn’t get bored.

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If you can make sounds that your dog hasn’t heard before, it will get him to look at you with an inquisitive, fun look. This will add variety to the pictures in terms of expressions and the body language of the dog. You can try kissing sounds, clicking or anything else you can think of.

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Since the World Photography Day is on the 19th of August, you can go creative by keeping these things in mind. Go crazy and click away! And if you are looking for inspiration, here are 10 Instagram Pages that you just need to follow right away!

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