Let’s be honest – dogs are perfect and powerful creatures. Seldom do they need manufactured materials to keep them happy (a human and an open park will usually suffice). However, there’s no denying that certain objects can make their happy-go-lucky existence even happier. Dog socks are one of those objects.



(1) Prevent Slipping

Often, dogs – especially puppies and geriatric dogs who are slightly unstable on their feet – have trouble walking on extremely smooth or polished surfaces such as hardwood since they tend to slip on them. Dog socks by PetSutra provide 100% eco-friendly glue grippers which help the puppy in gaining footing on the slippery floors. These are anti-slip and easily washable too.



(2) Temperature Protection


In hot, tropical climates, roads (made of tar) tend to absorb heat and become too painful for dogs to walk on. On the other hand, in colder climates, icy roads can cause frostbite for dogs being walked on them. In both cases, dog socks are handy as they protect the paws from extreme temperatures.



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(3) Cover Injuries

If your dog is injured on one of his legs, socks are a great way to speed up the process of healing. Dog socks ensure that the wound/injury is protected from dust, bacteria etc and also ensure that the dog is not able to lick or gnaw at the same.




(4) Prevent Floor Scratches

You don’t need to worry about your pet walking/running on your beautiful hardwood floors if you put him in socks. You don’t even need to bother with the cumbersome process of getting his nails clipped. Protect your wooden floor with dog socks!



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(5) Make Your Pup Look Adorable

Have you ever seen a dog walking in socks? If your answer is yes, you know exactly what level of extreme cuteness we’re referring to; and if your answer is no, go get your dog two pairs of dog socks ASAP.


Dog Socks


You can find high-quality, eco-friendly dog socks at PetSutra, with varying sizes to fit your pet’s exact need and colourful designs to add to his/her aesthetic! Buy Now!


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