While dogs are capable of using just about anything as a toy (be it your earphones or your favourite sneakers) not everything keeps their attention for long or is good for them. Therefore, it’s important to sort through everything that is offered to you and make an informed decision about the one you pick for the well-being of your beloved pet




You’ve no doubt read the warning labels or seen children’s toys and sippy cups advertising that they are now “BPA Free.” BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical added to plastic and vinyl to give it elasticity. Research indicates that levels of BPA and phthalates contained within dog toys are even higher than those normally found in children’s toys. Although due to the awareness created about the harmful consequences, children toys are usually now BPA-free, the same cannot be said about dog toys. This chemical can relay a high amount of toxicity into your dog’s system. Hence, it is advisable to avoid plastic and rubber toys as much as possible. Instead, go for toys made of natural, harmless materials such as jute or rope.



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While a lot of people do treat their dogs as human babies, it’s simply not a good idea to give your dog toys which are meant for humans. Dogs have specific needs which can only be catered to by an actual dog toy. So, refrain from tossing household things or kid toys at your dog, even if he is willing to play with them. They could break – posing a choking hazard, as well as a general menace for everyone around.



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It’s no secret that dogs love to chew and can easily tear most materials into pieces. This is dangerous because your dog could swallow smaller pieces of the fabric, or could ingest hard pieces, such as eyes, on toys that they tear. Not only does this pose a choking hazard, toxins in these toys could cause long-term harm. Additionally, the more toys your dog tears up, the more money you spend replacing said toys. Hence, it’s in everyone’s best interest to simply buy a durable toy, to begin with.



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To keep your dog engaged and happy, it is important to offer an array of different toys, providing a myriad of different purposes and materials. A good mix of toys would be to have one squeak toy for sheer entertainment value, one rope toy for tugging and jaw exercises and a rope ball for generic play.



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If you can’t afford to buy a plethora of different toys to satiate your pet, invest in one toy to satisfy multiple needs. One such toy would be Petsutra’s orbit ballThis can be used as a chew toy, for playing tug of war, for playing fetch as well as other training activities.



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