The season of festivities is finally here and we could not be more excited! With Dussehra and Durga Puja out of the way, it is time for the biggest festival of the year, Diwali, and we sure are gearing up for a month of crazy celebrations! But while we gorge on sweets and splurge on rocking outfits, your pet might be feeling a little left out. The crackers and noise pollution don’t help his case so it’s up to us to cheer him up and make the festival of lights just as special for him, as it is for us.

Here are 4 ways to go ahead with it:



1. Because Not Only Humans Are Fussy Eaters!

You might have been feeding him Pedigree or homemade food the entire year but Diwali is the perfect time to introduce something healthier and tastier in his diet. Dog’s get bored quickly, especially of food so something as scrumptious as fresh treats will surely cheer him up! It is best to go for treats that are fat-free, gluten free and wheat free as these can cause significant health disorders in your dog. Look for treats that are 100% natural and do not have any added colours or preservatives. Most treats are months and years old as they are processed but Chicken Jerky Treats are made with fresh chicken and instead of the hard treats he otherwise gets, these are soft and tender, not to mention insanely delicious.



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2. Keeping The Winters At Bay!

As the weather gets colder after Diwali, some cozy accessories are sure to keep him warm and comfy. You might have seen doggy socks around and thought that they were just a cute accessory but while they make our pups look super adorable, they do a lot more than that! Not only do they keep your dog’s paws warm and comfortable, they protect them against hard or rough surfaces and floors. If you have an older dog who is suffering from arthritis or has had a recent injury, these anti-slip socks will make walking easier for him. They provide a superior grip and prevent scratches on your shiny hardwood floors. Plus, they’re washable too!



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3. Fat & Gluten Free: Even Your Dogs Are Health Conscious!

What could be a better gift for your furry friend than a treat which is super-yummy, flavourful and last for a really, really long time? Vegetarian treats are ideal not only for vegetarian dogs but also for others as they provide some essential nutrients and vitamins. Treats such as the Chewlicious Churpi Bars are made of Yak Milk, which has a distinct taste and flavour that is very appealing. These are essentially made of hardened cheese, an ingredient that is loved by all dogs alike! These are available in different sizes so choose one that fits inside your dog’s mouth snugly, and he will have a great time chewing on it. Since it’s hard, that makes it really long lasting as well.



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4. Everytime Is A Playtime!

Our lively, spirited puppies are always excited for playtime and with all the festive drama going on around them, they may be feeling extra restless. There could not be a better time to gift them some new toys to have them be completely engrossed. Natural fibres and materials such as cotton, rope, jute, and leather are preferable rather than plastic and rubber toys as these are free of chemical toxins and additives. Toys such as rope tuggers, rope balls, jute bones and leather cats or rat toys are great as they are durable, enjoyable and will be well loved by your pupper.



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Participate & Win!

Make your dog’s Diwali brighter by participating in the contest. Tell us how you plan to make your dog’s Diwali better and 3 lucky winners will get free gifts that your dogs will totally love. To participate in our contest, click here.



The festival of lights and love is soon approaching so you’d better prepare quickly, to give your canine friend the best surprises ever!


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