The festival of lights, Diwali, is the biggest and the most important festival of the year. The days leading up to the festival and then the week of celebrations itself can be extremely hectic, and it’s easy to get caught up in things, forgetting about ourselves and our pets.


We may love this bright festival but for our dogs, it’s close to a nightmare. They’re not used to the messed up routines or the extremely loud crackers. So for them, the best solution is to have them stay indoors in a soundproofed room, away from the noise and crowds. However, Diwali is a long celebration and having your dog stuck indoors can have some serious effect on its health.


This #Diwali, make your pooch happy and save him from the nightmare, gift him new clothes, new toys, treats and a lot of love.



Exercise plays an important role in your dog’s everyday life and owing to the fact that the outdoors is not so safe for him, he might be missing out on his daily dose of fresh air and fitness. In this situation, it is essential that you provide him with the necessary exercise and the best way to do this is through toys. Rope and leather toys are ideal for this as unlike Frisbees and plastic balls, these do not require large open spaces for play time. Rope toys such as rope balls with handles or rope tuggers are made of twisted and woven cotton ropes which are completely natural and very soft and flexible. Dogs enjoy playing with them as it encourages their natural urge to play and attack. Since these are soft, your dog can dig his teeth into it without damaging them. These can be used as chew toys and also for some interesting fetch games.



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Staying home all day can get boring and chewing is an activity that all dogs enjoy so a chew toy such as a Leather Toy is perfect to keep him engaged. These also come with squeakers so they can make for an engaging game where your dog chases the squeaking toy around the house. That is a great replacement for his everyday evening walk!



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Even when indoors, it is necessary that your canine friend does not turn lethargic so make sure you go the extra mile and keep him active and fit!


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