7/10 pet owners tend to create a pet profile and upload pictures every now and then on social media. And why not? After all, pets are by far the biggest stress busters & the cutest living being on the planet. Agree? This is why PetSutra brings to you India’s first Photo Sharing App for pets and if you are a pet parent here are 5 reasons why you must download the PetSutra app RIGHT AWAY!


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We humans already have an amazing Photo-sharing app, but if you are a true dog lover, you want to follow and be followed by dog parents alone, right? And not be spammed by brands selling something or a fitness junkie or a lifestyle blogger. Additionally, if you have multiple pets, creating and managing multiple accounts is way too difficult. With PetSutra, you can create multiple pet profiles using just one account. Hurray!


  1. Create a Community.


As pet parents, we always have tons of queries. Don’t we? How to get rid of fleas? How to cut his nails? Should I get my pet to mate? etc etc. Now, how do you plan to get them answered? Google might have some of your answers, but often websites provide answers that are not only different but also contradictory. The best way to get them answered is by posting a question and letting another pet parent answer it for you. And being a lovely pet parent that you are, you might as well like to answer a few questions that you have the answer to. Thereby, you build a community of pet parents and like-minded individuals.


  1. Want to give away a pet? List him here.

As difficult as it might be, sometimes we just have to let them go. Moving away to a different city, not being able to give him time & attention, family not being able to cope up etc. He is just like your child and you can’t leave him in the streets just like that. You would want a good home, caring pet parents and somebody who gives him lots of love. List him for adoption on the PetSutra App and find him a good home in no time.  


  1. Don’t have a pet? It’s time you do!

Now you might not be a pet parent (just yet) but would like to be one. Why go to a breeder? #AdoptNotShop. View the different pets that are up for adoption & take one home. You can contact with the dog parent & can decide mutual terms & conditions concerning the adoption.


  1. Get your dog a Friend!
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“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” All of us need somebody who loves us in a way no-one does, and your pet is no different. Find him a good date on the PetSutra app. You have swiped right & left for yourself enough already, it’s time you do this for him 😀 Look for nearby pets and befriend him with somebody you think he will like the most.

  1. One Stop Shop

Lastly, get updates about new toys, socks, treats, pancake mix, collar, leashes, and other pet accessories that will make your pooch love you even more. You can also buy them here.


Aren’t these 6 reasons great? So, why wait! Download the PetSutra App NOW!


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