You probably did not know this, India has some of the finest provisions to safeguard animals in the world. Abandoning any animal for any reason can land you in prison for up to three months. While earlier pets were considered a luxury which only a few people could afford, now adopting pets have become much easier and well accepted as a practice. The facts and laws listed below are imperative if you are planning to be or already are a pet parent. There are certain dog laws that you might not be aware of but would consider after reading this.

(1) License Your Dog 

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Dog owners are required to license their dogs with the city or, in unincorporated areas, the country. One of the main responsibilities after buying a dog is to register your dog. If you get caught without a license, which can and does happen, you will be hit with a hefty fine. Dogs must have a renewed license each year, which must be displayed on them at all times.

(2) Cannot Be Denied Access To Public Places

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Your dog cannot be outright banned from gardens, parks and other public spaces. However, provisions can be made to adjust timings such that they don’t disturb or scare other tenants or kids, or create any inconvenience. But there is no way that it is not denied access to public places.

On these lines, you, as a pet parent, would clearly love that your pet does not create trouble for people around. Involving in playful activities with your pooch is the most basic and fun way to ensure their play-time is as good as possible. You can find such toys for interactive play here.

(3) Barking, Is a Basic Right

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Think about any person being thrown out of their house because he or she was speaking. If freedom of speech is your right then why not in animals? Similarly, the barking of a pet dog cannot be considered as a valid reason to ban dogs from the apartment or society. However, pet owners are advised to try their best in keeping their dogs quiet, especially at night. To make sure they remain calm during night hours so as to not disturb the neighbours, independent play is a great activity, where in your pooches will stay engaged even when you aren’t around to play. You could buy such toys that encourage independent play, here.

(4) Dogs Too Can Use Elevators

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Apartment associations can’t pass any laws against dogs using the elevators or lifts or impose a fine on tenants whose pets use said elevators or lifts. However, if an alternative lift already exists in the apartment, pet owners are advised to use it for convenience. Next time instead of struggling with your dog to climb up the stairs, you might want to use the elevator!

(5) Feeding Stray Dogs

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Those who feed or offer shelter to stray dogs in their locality are also advised to participate in these animals’ sterilization, vaccination and health care. However, after sterilization and vaccination, those dogs must be returned to the same locality, under ABC Rules 2001. Also, any cruelty towards stray dogs is also an offence.

When you see a dog, you sure like feel like cuddling them and feeding them, all pet lovers can relate to it right? Why not feed them something that not only they will love but will benefit them? You could consider this. 

So that’s one of the most imperative things you must be aware of as a pet parent that will help both your pooch and you in parenting.


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