You always don’t need a professional trainer to train your pooch. Your pooch will follow your orders if taught properly. House training your pooch is all about consistency, patience and positive reinforcement. The ultimate goal is to instil good habits and build a loving bond with your pooch. Your pooch may take less or more time to be trained, also depending on the breed. And while you are training, don’t you worry if there are a few setbacks. As long as you continue a pattern, he will learn. Here are some ways through which you can train your pooch.



(1) Establish a routine


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Like human beings, your pooch too will do great on a regular schedule. Taking him out for a walk everyday is a no-brainer. Besides, try maintaining a cycle of everything involved in the schedule. Be it eating meals, sleeping or his potty training for that matter, which starts from early age. This will not just help him maintain a routine but health as well.


(2) Regular Snacking


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Feeding your pooch at the same time each day will make it more likely that they will eliminate at consistent times as well, making house-training easier for both, the pooch and you. Giving them their favorite snack between meals on a scheduled time daily will definitely make it easier for you! When you feed them the healthy snacks that they love, they know what their reward is going to be once the finish their meal, which will encourage their eating routine.

You must buy them a treat of their choice to maintain the routine.



(3) Chew Toys Are Must



Isn’t it more likely that when you even look away for a second and your pooch is chewing on your favorite stuff. Your favorite pair of shoes, the chairs, the sofa or just about everything in their reach. Chewing is their natural instinct, you must not be harsh on them for that, esp, when they are teething or simply even if they are aggressive chewers. Buy them something they could chew on, this will help them relax and maintain calm overtime. Meanwhile, also make sure not to buy any random chew toy available in market. Look for something natural which doesn’t cost your pooch their health.

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(4) Shake That Hand!


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Teaching your pooch to shake is a great party trick and one that can be easily taught. You can even get your kids involved in this, will be more of a fun activity for both them! With a little bit of patience, you can make your pooch shake his hand in just few days. Show them their favorite treat and then make them shake their hand, for which they will earn the treat. Do it manually for first few days and gradually they will know what gets them the treat! This way every time you ask him to shake his hand, he knows he has a treat to grab. Because a dog who shakes hand is the cutest of all!

To buy them a treat, click here. We are sure, your pooch will go gaga over this treat.



(5) Teach To Tug!


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Here is a fun trick that both you and your pooch will enjoy. Maybe your pooch already knows how to tug. But learning to tug on command is good to know. It will learn to tug a certain piece of rope which also is good for his teeth. The ‘Give’ command is also useful apart from the tug game itself. If your pooch collects your things, ask him to give instead of chasing him all over the house. They recognize the words and associate it with the activities.

Buy them this rope toy which is not only durable, but made of natural cotton to ensure no harm is done to your pooch’s teeth.

Lastly, for being such a good child that your little one is, don’t you think he deserves a yummy treat sometimes? How about a Pancake for them? Yes! Why Not? After all it’s made of all dog-friendly ingredients and is the yummiest treat of all times.


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