Dog leash is not and must not be considered a symbol of ownership or obligation, rather it must be used as an effective but friendly tool for raising a trained and a confident pooch. You are out for a stroll with your dog, a better approach towards the dog leash you carry and obedience training would save you from a hard time that you might face if your dog is left loose and they run after anything or everything they find tempting, considering the kind of explorers they are, right? Here’s what a good dog leash can do for you.



1. Less Likely To Chase After Something (Or Someone)


Dog Leash


When you go out with your pooch, they chasing random things is normal only, It is instinctual, you barely can help it. But it is not always right as they might end up hurting either themselves or what or who they are chasing, even when their intentions are harmless. Dog leash helps you keep a check on them, their movement and helps you with an effective control on them, because it’s important when you are out in public areas.



2. Easier To Keep An Eye On Them


Dog Leash


Precaution’s better than regrets, isn’t it? A dog leash not only help you control your pooch’s  but also, your pooch is always within your reach. It’s the best way to keep them safe and avoid any mishap. No matter how trained your pooch might be, you need to be super attentive regarding their whereabouts.



3. Protects Your Pooch


Dog Leash


A dog leash can become your mate’s best friend, when it comes to protection. It can effectively help you to protect your pooch from any kind of accidents. If you live in the city, you probably know the structure and nature of busy roads. You might have your dog under control but it’s not necessary that various vehicles on the road are too. Thus, leashing your dog ensures safety from unexpected accidents. 



4. Training


Dog Leash


This one’s quite obvious. Dog leash plays a vital role when it comes to training your pooch. It should neither be your dog pulling the leash at will, nor should your be pulling it hard to manoeuvre them in a certain way, it’s a technique that takes time to perfect. Once perfected, you can get a better hold of your dog in public domains. 


5. Better Socialization


Dog Leash


Just like a human toddler, an obedient and friendly pooch is always the favorite. When you are out in public domain, it’s important that you supervise how your dog behaves with other beings. After-all, an obedient and friendly dog is always a favorite one, right?



6. Accountability


Dog Leash


This is important. As the pet parent, you are liable for your dog’s actions. Even if accidentally, if your dog hurts someone or damages any property that belongs to somebody, you better brace yourself for some roasting. An off-leash dog might get you into some hot water. 

We believe, a dog leash is not meant to symbolize the ownership of a dog, they are not ‘things’ that you own after-all. It is rather meant to be stand for ownership of responsibility, which is totally yours as a parent. 



Now that you know the importance of a good dog leash, you must consider buying one already. Get it from here. Oh! Interestingly, we also got very many options for your pooch, buy what they look the most adorable in, without compromising with their comfort!


  1. Dark Brown Leash
  2. Leather Brown Leash
  3. Teal Blue Leash
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