Pets are the best! They make us feel warm and happy all the time! What is better than coming home to see your dog or your cat waiting for you with their big cute eyes? Having both of them, together! Is this really possible? Can dogs and cats be pet together? And if they can be, then what are their specific requirements and how to deal with the (sort of) rivalry? Worry no more! We got this!



1. Analyse Their Nature



Do your homework and analyse the nature of your pet(s) beforehand. Breeds don’t matter much- however; personalities matter a lot. Conflicting personalities will take longer (maybe forever) to get along. Instead of separating your pets later- make them share the same space in a smart way.



2. Appropriate Training



Train your pets- especially the dog. If you don’t want your dog getting hostile with the poor kitty, you need to train your pupper accordingly. Cats don’t learn as fast as dogs. Training dogs is the best way to welcome another pet into the house.



3. Keep The Claws Trimmed



Make sure you regularly trim their nails, of the cat necessarily so that they don’t end up hurting each other. This is specially about the cats, since they use their claws as their primary weapon when they feel a bit uneasy or threatened. Not to forget, now that you are parenting both the pets, you better learn the art of trimming your pets’ nails, which will take some time but will prove to be an indispensable knowledge.


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4. Segregate Their Stuff


Keep the stuff separately- both toys and food. Don’t mix your pets’ toys with each other. Pets are very particular about their territory- especially cats. You need to give them their respective space so that they can consider letting other pet in the house without them being unhappy about it. 


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5. Make Sure They Are Comfortable Together



Plan the meeting carefully. It should no longer be necessary to tell that introducing your fellow pets can be a very difficult task. It is important to be smart and not make them physically meet for a few weeks. It will be better if they just smell the other pet first and only be brought together once they are comfortable in the presence of the other being.



These are the 4 broad points that must be considered before getting a dog and a cat together in a house. Studies suggest that keeping both the pets in a house filled with love and care can really turn the house upside down. Although, it is indeed great for the mental health of the owners as well. If you can raise a dog and a cat together, you should go ahead and do it!

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