Sure, they don’t need a bathe everyday but grooming and cleaning up is as important for your furry friend as it is for you! They’re unfortunately not so great at cleaning up so they’ll need a little help from you! It’s pretty simple and you don’t need a professional groomer for everyday care, especially if you put a bit of effort into it. The important thing to do is start as early as you can because if they’re used to the grooming process starting early years, they’ll eventually learn to enjoy the attention and won’t resist too much. So what do you need to focus on? The coat, ears, mouth and nails. Let’s tackle each!



1. That Shiny Coat


Pet Grooming


Depending on the length of your pet’s coat, you’ll have to brush it regularly. If your pet has a long, thick coat, you should brush it once every two to three days as it would be more prone to matting. Along with this, you will need to groom their coat after every time they get dirty and muddy. This is important, not only to de-tangle the hair but to also get rid of anything that gets tangled in their hair such as grass, mud etcUse a soft bristled brush and go as slowly and gently as possible. Go gently and handle small areas, starting from the top and moving towards the roots.



2. Those Floppy Ears


Pet Grooming


Once every two to three weeks, you should clean your pet’s ears, especially if they have those adorable hanging ears, like that of Spaniels and Retrievers. Some pets living in a hotter environment with more humidity need a lot more attention on the ears as well. Cleaning the ear isn’t very hard; you will simply need a pet cleaning solution and a soft cotton cloth or a cotton ball. Soak the cotton with the solution and softly clean the part of the ear than you can see to get rid of any discharge and dirt.



3. Mouth Care For a Happy, Smiling Pet!


Pet Grooming

Since your pet is always chewing up furniture and basically anything that they can find, it isn’t surprising that most of the problems that cause them discomfort are found in their mouths. Gum and teeth diseases, broken or hurt teeth, lodged foreign objects and infections, are only some of the issues. Give them treats that can help strengthen their teeth, gums and jaw! Besides, be super attentive with the toys you buy for them. Some toys do more harm than good such as plastic or rubber toys. Buy toys made of natural material like cotton or jute. Such toys have tendency to double up as floss and are good for their dental hygiene.

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4. Pedicure


Pet Grooming


Nails are something major that need your attention as over-grown nails can cause serious damage to your petUntrimmed nails can actually grow into the pet’s paw and that is extremely painful. Make sure your pet isn’t too hyper, and is comfortable, when you trim the nails and do it under a bright light. Use a special pets’ nail clipper because these are made especially for their nails.

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5. Time for a bubbly bath!


Pet Grooming


Ideally, you should bathe your pet once a week. Never, ever, use normal human shampoo as this could cause hair shedding, irritation and infections. Use a good quality pet shampoo as these are designed to match the pH level of the pet’s skin and also suited better for their fur type. Accompany this with a good quality pet conditioner to keep the fur extra soft. Concentrate not just on the coat of your pet but also all the limb joints, genital areas and paws.


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The most important thing to keep in mind is that grooming can be just as tiring for your pet as it is for you so never do all of these things or even more than one, all at once. Schedule their grooming steps for different times of the month and add in LOADS of treats, love and toys to make sure they love this extra time with their pet parents!

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