Dogs are man’s best friends- an undisputed truth which is respected and accepted by all. However, the question here is- why are they the best friends that humans can land? We have curated a list of all the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why your furry friends are indeed the best friends that you can find in this world.



(1) It Is An Actual Therapy! Wow! 😯


Dog Man Friendship


Dogs are specially trained to provide love and affection to humans. Yes, that’s true! When you see a dog bearing a sign “Hug Me”, it is no coincidence. Service dogs are specially trained and are often used to treat patients suffering from chronic depression, autism, and other mental ailments. Dogs make people feel loved and calms their senses.



(2) We Have a History, hmmm!


Dog Man Friendship


Humans and dogs go back a long way. History tells us that Dogs evolved from wolves, but unlike them retained a sense of friendship and belonging towards their fellow beings. Dogs supported and survived along with humans in the harshest of conditions. It is pretty evident that they are so special.



(3) They are Enthusiastic 😀


Dog Man Friendship


Dogs prefer to be active and thus like to play with their humans. People get tired easily, on the other hand, dogs wait up on their humans all day just to play with them no matter what. Your friends might not want to hang up with you all the time, but your dog will not miss a single chance for the same. See the difference?



(4) They are Empathetic ❤️


Dog Man Friendship


Your friends definitely understand you- but a dog knows you inside out. The best part is that you never tell them! Dogs have an ability to sense the exact feelings that humans go through and act accordingly. If you’re sad, your dog will come and try to hug you and cheer you up. They don’t judge and don’t ask any questions. They are just there!



(5) They are Simple Beings 🙂


Dog Man Friendship


Your dogs do not care much (except of course for your well-being. That’s like their priority!). They are very simple. They like to sleep, play with you, eat and then repeat the whole process. They don’t ask for anything but love and attention. They are non-judgmental and extremely caring of their human’s feelings.



(6) Only Good Memories ❤️


Dog Man Friendship


Dogs are amazing when it comes to memory. They do not remember the one time when you pulled their tail. They will easily let it go and be back with you as soon as ever! Also, the same dogs will always remember each and every cute moment spent with their human friends, and will be grateful and loyal to you forever! This is so precious.



In conclusion, dogs are simply precious. They are the best, cutest and the most caring beings on the face of this planet. These are just a few reasons why you should go right now and give your dog a big hug-because they deserve it!

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