Just like the popular notion that dogs and cats are arch-rivals, there’s a binary drawn between a dog person and a cat person. You’d often hear people commenting that you can’t be both. Well, we are of a different opinion. You could just be an animal-lover simply and be fond of both, or could be either of the aforementioned two. We are here to help you decide whether you are a dog person or a cat person or just a person who can love both equally. 

Signs That You Are A Dog Person

1. You can’t resist dogs in public

It’s difficult to walk with you on the streets because you are always on a complete different mission altogether. Walks are just an excuse for you to look for dogs and cuddle them! Also, you don’t mind whether it’s a stray dog or somebody else’s, when you want to cuddle them, you just HAVE to! 

2. Conversations with dog is a normal thing!

It comes very naturally to you, after a long day your perfect idea of relaxation is to cuddle with your furry friend and talk to them about your life problems.

3. Your Gallery = Dog Pictures

Your camera roll is replete with dog photos and of you taking dog photos and you have absolutely no regrets! You are out and out a dog person and you wear that badge with a pride!

4. Lots of dog videos online! 

If you follow dog pages on Instagram and spend hours watching dog videos and can’t help going aww-ing, you’re certainly a dog person, mate!

5. Cats are a big no-no to you

You not just love dogs but you also champion dogs’ superiority over cats. You genuinely believe that dogs are better than cats and you will fight till death to prove this!

Signs That You Are A Cat Person

1. It is not about reciprocation to you

It is widely considered that dogs tend to be more affectionate than cats. Well, you are in the frame of mind where you don’t even want to debate that. You don’t mind whether the cat loves you back or not. All you know is that cats give you peace, something that other animals can’t.

2. They are small and intelligent!

Cats are small and you love that! Even a grown-up cat is smaller in comparison to a dog. They are easier to maintain and it is amazing to cuddle them to sleep! Also, they are incredibly perceptive and you love that! You love them for their slyness and intelligence.

3. Purring is music to your ears

If you think that there’s no sound better than the purring of a cat, you’re certainly a cat person! It is soft and it appeases you, which could be surprising if you think the dog barks are loud.!

4. You’re a very clean person

If cleanliness gives you a high, you are bound to be a cat lover because believe it or not, cats are one of the cleanest animals and are best for you!

Signs That You’re Both a Dog & a Cat Person

This one is relatively simple. If you can’t understand the need to restrict yourself to one category, if you are equally attracted to both cats and dogs and if you can’t see the logic behind the fact that one can only be either a dog person or a dog person, Congratulations! You are both a cat person and a dog person! You just love them both!

Now that we helped you a bit to understand which animal you like more, we hope it is easier for you to decide which one to get for yourself.

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