Like humans, dogs also have a designated life cycle. The average lifespan of a dog is about 12 years, however, the numbers can vary according to the breed and the care & nutrition given to them.

There are 4 stages of a dog’s life. Let’s go through each of them. 

Stage- 1: Puppy


Clearly, the cutest stage, and lasts for about 18 months. They grow up very fast. This is a stage where the dog gets to learn most of the things about their lives and ways. This is also the stage when you should start with their training and the complete set of vaccinations.

Stage- 2: Adolescent


The smaller breed dogs go to this stage faster than the larger breed dogs. This is just like humans, a stage where the hormones start to kick in and the doggy starts acting up. This is when your training needs to be right because this stage makes the dog what he is in the future.

Stage- 3: Adult

This stage is around the ages 1-3 years old. Just like in adolescence, small breeds are faster and vice versa. However, this is the stage when your dog will enjoy playtime the most. He will need lesser attention due to decreased energy, but he will enjoy the time you spend with them thoroughly.

Stage- 4: Senior

After the adult years will start the senior years of your dog. It will be between the ages 6-10. But unlike the previous two stages, larger breed dogs get here before the smaller ones. At this stage, the dog will be the least active. He will eat less and sleep more.

Like every life, a dog’s life also comes to an end. The cycle sure is short- but the memories that you can make in these limited years can be infinite.

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