Yes, dogs get sad! Studies suggest that your pup can actually feel the same emotions as a human toddler. These include joy, fear, happiness and, sadness! We know this realization is sad but we hope that this knowledge will help you to further help your dog to get out of sadness. So here’s a guide that will help you identify whether or not your dog is sad.

Physical Illness

When your dog gets injured it is very natural to observe some changes in their behavior. However, if these changes are prolonged, it is surely a sign of depression. If your dog has lately been sulking and is acting lethargic, it is a good idea to make a visit to the veterinarian.

Appetite changes

If your dog’s eating pattern has changed drastically in the past few months, it can be an indication of depression. The pattern varies with the dogs as some dogs tend to stop eating when depressed while some do otherwise. Therefore, it is always a good idea to regularly monitor your dog’s eating pattern.

Excessive sleeping


Dogs tend to sleep a lot but are very light sleepers and this is no news. However, if your dog continues to sleep, doesn’t register your presence and is completely unaffected or triggered then maybe they are depressed.  

Paw Licking

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Excessive licking or chewing may be rooted in physiological or psychological issues. Depressed dogs will often lick or chew their paws to soothe themselves. It is necessary to take them out to play and keep them happy. 

Avoidance And Hiding

If your dog starts avoiding you completely and would rather like to be alone for a long time then it is an indication of sadness. Why not buy them yummy treats to get attention and spend some time with them? 

Loss of companion

Losing a companion is never easy. If your dog has recently lost a companion he is bound to get sad. It is always a good idea to spend more time with them initially so that they do not feel alone and later on get them a new companion. 

We hope that this guide will help you to understand your dog’s state of mind better and will help you take care of them in a better way. 

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