They say, dogs are humankind’s best friend and we at PetSutra completely agree!

Though we can’t communicate verbally with dogs, there are a number of things that your dogs teach you, if only you pay close attention. So we bring to you a list of ten things that you can learn from your furry friend, it’ll not only help you hone your personality but will also strengthen the bond you two share.

1. Express Love

Dogs teach us to be expressive. You will be able to relate better if you came after a long day and your dog would insanely wag their tail and jump on you out of excitement, right? Thus, expressing is important. If you love someone, you have got to show it.

2. Make Friends

It is adorable how dogs often befriend everybody who loves them. Love and reciprocation are all they understand. Imagine how easier the life will get if the same principle is applied in human life.

3. Loyalty

Dogs are fiercely loyal, no matter what, you know that you have always got their back! It’s time to take this important lesson from them. You will soon realise the peace and satisfaction it will give you as a being.

4. Be Yourself

Dogs are the most unpretentious creatures ever. They always tend to be themselves, if they are angry, they will sulk, when happy, they’ll express. As simple as it gets.

6. Forgive, Forget

You can be mad at your dog and not play with them or deny a treat and yet they will never get mad at you for too long. They will continue loving you in the same unconditional manner. This is an important lesson that we should also inculcate, we should strive to let go of our grudges and move past people’s mistakes and embrace them wholeheartedly.

7. High Spirits

Close your eyes and picture the dog you love the most. What was the picture like? We are sure you must have imagined the dog in high spirits, probably running around or chasing a ball or blissfully eating. That is exactly the case we are building here! Dogs tend to remain cheerful in the darkest of days and we should follow them. No matter what the situation, if we deal with life events will a smile, our problems will cease to exist or will become less difficult.

 8. Stay Focused

One of the most important thing that dogs teach us is that we should always learn how to remain focused and go after things that are important to us. You will know after a game of fetch with them! 

9. Be Content

Dogs don’t care if the bed of the neighbour’s dog is more expensive or bigger than theirs. They are more than happy with what they have. It is one quality everyone should definitely learn from the four-legged creatures. 

10. You Are Never Too Old To Have Fun

Someone wisely said, “Live each day like it’s your last” and correctly so. Life is short, so have fun and stop taking everything so seriously. 


There are innumerable things that dogs teach us. If you have a dog don’t miss out on a chance to learn something new every day. 

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