It is extremely sad when you lose your pet and the world seems like a miserable place without your furry friend. Pet parents usually undergo depression after their pet’s death. While we know that nothing can undo such loss but life has to move on. Hence, let us do a bit from our end to help you overcome.

1) Acknowledge the reality

Most pet owners can’t come to terms with the fact that their pet is no more. The first step to overcome your grief is to acknowledge that your pet is no more. Denial is good for instant gratification but it has lasting bad repercussions so it becomes necessary to not be delusional.

2) Deal with the reality

Once you have acknowledged the reality, the next step is to deal with your situation. You need to realize that if you are sad or depressed, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The online community is very supportive so you could reach out to pet-lovers and similar people who are coping with their pet’s death. This will ensure that you don’t feel alone and will, in turn, help you recover faster.

3) Rituals and Directing Love to other pets

Rituals help to cope up with your pet’s death. A funeral can help you and your family members openly express your feelings. It will ensure further support from people who care about you. Try and direct your emotions to other pets and love them as you love your pet. Surely, it won’t be the same but it will certainly soothe you.

4) Vent out the emotions

It can be anything, right from composing poetry, to rants, to writing a diary. The basic idea is to purge out your repressed emotions. It is good if you post your work online so more people can reach out to support you but if you do not feel like sharing your personal art, it is also completely fine. Writing, painting or simply talking will certainly help you a lot.

5) Find a new meaning to life

This one can be a bit difficult but will help the most. In the end, you are your own best friend and have to look after yourself. Nobody can help you as much as you yourself. You ought to snap out of your sadness after a point of time and this you can do by cultivating a new hobby. It can be anything right from learning a musical instrument to watching Netflix to indulging in a sport to creating art. You just got to find out what appeals to you most and stick to it to avoid thinking about your pet’s death.


We are sorry if you’ve lost your pet and we hope that you receive the same love again. If you know somebody who is in a similar position, please reach out to them and give them all your support.





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