When people adopt dogs, the most asked question remains what and how much to feed them. As easy it might sound, calculating their portion is not a game. There is a scope of over or underfeeding the dog.

Hence, we decided to make it easier for you by listing some basic points that shall be taken care of when it comes to feeding the dog.

It may sound very weird, but smaller breed dogs need more food when compared to their body weight, while larger breed dogs need lesser food. Here is a simple guide:



  • Puppies should be fed solid food from around the 4th week. They can be weaned off of their mother’s milk at around 8 months of age.
  • Their diet should include rich proteins and other nutrients for proper growth.
  • Young puppies should be fed thrice a day while older puppies should be fed twice a day.




  • While the food portions will depend on how much the dog weighs and how lean or fat is his body, they should be fed healthy food.
  • Giving healthy snacks gets essential for the overall health of the dog. Doggy Dabbas is a healthy snack option for your pooch.
  • If your dog is very active, they should be fed either immediately before or immediately after a straining workout.
  • Treats like Chewlicious can be introduced into the diet to maintain the health and activeness of the dog.




  • Older dogs, just like older humans, do not need a lot of food as their activity also significantly decreases.
  • They should be snacked less and healthier foods should be given.
  • They can easily gain weight, so the portions should be checked. 

For checking the bodily health of the dog at home, you should be able to feel the ribs beneath a layer of fat. If the ribs show, increase the portions; and vice versa. Also, regular visits to the vet shall never be missed.

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