All of you already might know some basic facts about dogs such as their great sense of smell, their vision in the dark and so on. But dogs are gifted with so much more. 

Let’s explore these really cool facts about dogs.

1. They Dream

That’s right! Our dogs dream just like we do. The twitching and paw-moving that your dog does in his sleep that you find really cute can be signs of him actually dreaming. 

2. Behind the Wet Snoot

Dogs have a wet nose that helps them to absorb scents. They lick it in order to sample the scent. 

3. Sweaty Paws

Dogs don’t sweat from anywhere except their paws. That is why they have a dry fur at all times. 

4. Curling Up

Yes, it is cute; but dogs primarily curl up to maintain body warmth and protect their internal organs. They inhabited this from their ancestors. 

5. Jealousy Pangs

Pups get extremely jealous when they see their human with another dog. They are pretty open in expressing their disapproval and disappointment when they smell traces of another dog. 

6. Body Clock

Just like humans, dogs also have a great sense of time. They know when it is time for the walk and food and sleep. That is why they get sadder if their humans don’t reach home on time. 

7. More than Grayscale

As uncommon knowledge it is, dogs do not only see black and white. They can also see greens and yellows. 

8. Panting it Away

Dogs like to pant in order to control their body temperature. They basically do that to cool themselves.

Aren’t these facts really cool and amazing? For more such awesome dog facts and other tips, stay tuned to PetSutra.

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