Cats are incredibly unique beings, with some traits similar to that of a human’s. They can be dominating, friendly or grumpy according to their own mood and they do like their own personal space, this is something we’re sure all the cat-parents might have already experienced. However, what makes them so? Below are some traits that will help you define a cat’s nature better. 

Let’s check them here!

  • Cats cannot taste sweet things because of a mutation in their key receptors. Sad.


  • They can hear ultrasonic noises that rodents and dolphins use to communicate.


  • The rigged pattern on the cat’s nose is unique, just like the human fingerprints.


  • Kittens also dream, just like humans. They start pretty early from about the age of a week old.


  • Since they release growth hormones only when they sleep, they tend to sleep a lot.


  • Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans. They are too cool for chats though.


  • A cat’s brain is about 90% similar to the human brain, much more than a dog’s brain.


  • They don’t snuggle with you for their comfort or your pleasure, they are just marking their territory.


  • Just like dogs, cats also sweat only through their paws.


  • A female cat is (rightly) called a “molly” or a “queen” while males are called “toms”.

Cats are weirdly amazing. They are cute and smart. Basically, one must not mess with a cat. For more such facts, stay tuned with PetSutra.

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