Mating your dog can be a big decision and you need to do your homework. Well the most basic of them all, make sure that your dog is healthy and ready to mate. But the subject is way beyond this basic point of concern. 

We’re sharing with you an essential guide that explains everything about mating- what, when and how.

When Can your Dog Start Mating?

  • Large Dog Breeds- 18-24 Months Old
  • Medium Dog Breeds- 15-18 Months Old
  • Small Dog Breeds- 12-18 Months Old

It is better to wait for a year or two before you start trying to mate your dog. It is especially important for the female dog that she does not have to mate after her first cycle. Just like humans, they are not physically and emotionally ready for the same. It is good to wait for a cycle or two so that she is comfortable.

Same goes for the male dog; he will not be able to mate properly at a very young age. It is always better to be patient when it comes to things as delicate as mating.

Understand the Heat Cycle

It is very important to have a good and complete knowledge of the dog’s reproductive cycle which is called the Dog Heat Cycle. Once you know about the details of the same, it will be easier for you make a decision about when to breed your dog.

  • The female will not mate during the first 7 days of her cycle.
  • It is advisable to mate your dog between the 7th and 14th day of her cycle for maximum chances of pregnancy.
  • After a certain point, she will no longer accept mates.


Preparing the Mates

  • Both the mates should be properly bathed and cleaned immediately prior to the mating. The fur around the vulva and the penis should also be trimmed away to make sure that there is an easy penetration.
  • Make sure to be vigilant about the female dog’s heat. You will see swollen vulva, and sometimes also bleeding. It is important to mate her only when she is in the season.
  • The stud, male dog, should not be fed immediately prior to the mating because he may vomit.

Pairing the Dogs

  • Both the dogs should be healthy and of the age.
  • There should be no history of a chronic disease or genetic defect.



  • The stud might face a problem in mounting the female dog, it is important that you are there to position him correctly.
  • You can seek the advice of a professional breeder. Also, breeding on the 9th, 11th and 13th day increases the chances of a litter.
  • Do not make them mate more than once in a day. It can tire them and lead to absolutely no results.
  • When the dogs are ready to mate, the female will give a sign by holding up her tail and the stud will inspect and mount her.
  • When they are in the process, which might take a few hours, they shall not be disturbed.
  • Also, there is a certain time before which they won’t be able to separate as the two glands on either side of the dog’s penis will swell.
  • It is important that they remain calm during the whole process and there are no loud noises or interruptions.
  • Make sure that the female dog does not urinate for about half an hour after the mating process. It may reduce the chances of her getting pregnant.
  • Also, it should be made sure that the stud’s penis retracts back into the sheath. It may take some time but it should be inside.

More than anything, you need to make sure that the dogs are comfortable and get their time and space. Both you and the pets should remain calm and composed. If there’s something specific that you need to ask us about the subject matter, please feel free to reach out to us on our social media handles as follows:

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