Stray animals are a common sight in every village, town and city across the country, typically cats and dogs. As animal lovers, we try to help these innocent beings since they do not have any owner to look after them. However, it is important to remember that there is a part of the population that is intolerant of animals and is sadly, indifferent towards the hardships they face. Worse, they hurt them. But you can help these stray babies lawfully! Here are some basic rights of stray animals in India that you, as animal-lovers must know to protect them.


  • The Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animals Act, as passed by the government, prohibits killing or hurting any animal. Take care of what you feed them. Make sure that it is safe for animals to consume.
  • You can legally file an FIR if/when you come across a case of cruelty towards stray animals in a locality. You can also inform the animal welfare groups operating in a particular town/city.  
  • Animal sacrifice is strictly banned and they may not be killed purposefully other than in a slaughterhouse. This also encompasses the Food Safety and Standards Regulations of 2011.  
  • Sterilization is a welfare measure that ensures good health of animals as well as controls the population of strays. However, they have to be at least four months old in order to be sterilized. Dogs that have undergone birth control procedures cannot be relocated to another place.
  • Monkeys also fall under stray animals and it is a criminal offense to own them under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. 
  • Subjecting animals to harsh chemicals through the testing of the ingredients and final product of makeup brands is banned in India under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940. We humans may need makeup but animals, already being perfect, surely don’t!

There are number of non-governmental organizations which work towards animal welfare and the safeguarding of animal rights such as People For Animals, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and STRAW ( Stray Relief and Animal Welfare)  among others. The rights of animals to lead a healthy life and to coexist in society are as important as the rights we enjoy as people. It is thus, our duty as citizens to ensure that these rights are accorded to all animals.

Dear animal lovers, please feel free to reach out to us in case you need any assistance in helping the stray animals. Anybody who wishes to volunteer for our cause #RiseForTheStray please fill this form.

For the details of the campaign, please go through our social media pages.

3 thoughts on “Rights of Stray Animals in India- A Basic Guide for Animal Lovers

    • Tabrez Alam says:

      Hi Ruhi,

      You can feed carrots, peas, sweet potato, green beans & brown rice (cooked, without salt). You can also give her 2 boiled eggs/day.

      If you can, you should feed about half portion of boiled chicken a day.

      Remember not to serve anything to her which has sugar & salt.

      Team PetSutra

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