PetBuddy Products Private Limited is an endeavour to make the lives of pets and their pet parents better by providing the three basic pillars. Information, Connection and Fullfillment.

Infomation: We bring to you information that can help you in your pet parenting journey. From simple things such as which breed of dog you should adopt, to complicated questions on the health and wellness of you pet. Download the app and follow the blogs of PetSutra website to know more.

Connection: Connecting pet lover and pet parents for a better and stronger community. With features such as adoption, sharing moments of joy, looking for a pet date, all features can be found on the petsutra mobile application.

Fullfilment: Hand picked products for your pet so that you do not have the arduous task of selecting what is best for your pet. Shop on the PetSutra website.

Amol Sharma - Founder - PetBuddy Products Private Limited (PetSutra)

Amol Sharma

Decided to move on recently from Corporate roles to creating value through new ideas post 10 years of experience spanning across sales and marketing, business development, consulting and strategy, have worked across multiple industries both in the FMCG and B2B space including consumer goods and services, automotive and agriculture and nutrition.