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is the odor of your cat's urine driving you crazy? Use Urine Off Cat & Kitten Stain & Odour remover. It has a unique formula that makes it easy to clean the cat urine. It is environmental friendly, removes every stain and does not harm the floor or the fabric.


Are you fed up with the age old equipment for taking out your Cat's litter? Our Fresh Kitty Translucent Litter Scoop is specially crafted for cat owners who prefer lightweight equipment for their cat's private needs. Made from high-grade durable plastic, the litter scoop is easy to clean and can be re-used quite easily. This scoop is appropriate for use with all types of litter.


Fresh Kitty Litter Box Deodorizer is designed to treat the most challenging litter boxes and to keep them fresh and clean. It is non scented, which makes it easier for cats with allergies. The odor lasts for a long time and can be used multiple times as it comes with a resealable bag.