PetSpot Vegetarian Dog Treats Combo Cheese, BlueBerry, Spinach Sticks, 210GM

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PetSpot Dog treat is made of Natural real Ingredients carefully selected by pet lovers for the pets. Top-grade ingredients ensure great taste and digestive health. Different flavors not only provide variety in treats but also ensure your dog’s health, energy, beauty and proper digestion.

Training won’t be a problem when you have a tempting treat for your beloved pooch! Treats are the healthy and happy way to train your dog praise your dog by petting and feeding them with all natural real ingredients treat. treat are soft, moist and extremely tasty for which your dog will always have space in tummy!!

Feeding Instructions: Please do not replace this treat with your pet’s staple dietary. Please make sure there sufficient amount of water available for your pet at all times. This treat can be used to train your pet. Please monitor your pet while they consume this product.

Small Breed ( 1 to 10 Kg) – 10 to 20 gm, Medium Breed (10 -25 Kg) – 20 -40 gm, Large breed( 25 to 45 Kg)

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